Low-Maintenance Hair Trends We Love For Fall

Have you hopped on Instagram lately? Bright, freshly colored hair transformations are everywhere. Whether this need for reinvention has been brought on by quarantine boredom or the changing of seasons, everyone deserves a “new hair, new me” moment—and at Vanity Salon in Houston, we’re on board with that.

As tempting as brand-new color may be, we know how intimidating it is to make the leap. Considering the uncertainty we've all experienced this year, it is understandable to want to know exactly what you're in for. But don't settle for merely swiping through pictures of your dream hair and wondering if you could commit. We at Vanity Salon are here to tell you that eye-catching color can be bold, low-maintenance AND stress-free.


Learn to Love the Shadow Root

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A shadow root is a technique in which a color similar to your natural is applied to the roots of your hair, allowing you to extend the amount of time between appointments without looking like you missed a date with your colorist. Your hair looks fashion-forward and intentional, and that dreaded grow-out period? Non-existent!


When In Doubt, Balayage It Out 

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Move over, highlights! Balayage is officially in. Change your hair without the commitment by asking your colorist to focus on the mid-strands and ends of your hair, leaving your natural color for effortless roots. Balayage is not just for lighter tones anymore—lately, we are all about the pop of color. By concentrating the color around your face and ends, your natural hair can grow out seamlessly while still achieving the same depth and dimension of the tried and true highlight.


Going … Going … Grey!

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The weather is cooling off, and your hair could be too. Grey hair is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Whether you want to make the leap and embrace the color your hair is turning naturally – or you simply love the look – tones of grey or silver are an option for everyone. Ask your colorist to work with your hair’s natural grey tones, to blend shades of grey into your existing color, or to give you an all-out silver fox look. We think you’ll love rocking that icy look that’s anything but Grandma-esque.


Your Hair Is Only As Good As Your Products

The trick to amazing hair is not only finding the perfect color technique, but making sure that everything that touches your hair will keep it healthy and vibrant. The good news? Aveda’s hair-color line is nourishing and damage-free. Take advantage of the plant-powered nutrition that Aveda’s color provides and leave the salon with shinier, healthier hair than you came in with.

At home, use Aveda’s Color Conserve line or try the new color-safe Botanical Repair or Nutriplenish collections to ensure you maintain healthy hair between appointments.

Think you’re ready to try one of these low-fuss but highly awesome looks? Give us a call or text at 713.783.0111 to book your appointment with us. 


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