3 Reasons you’ll love a Brazilian Blowout

We love summertime in Houston, but the heat and humidity can really mess up our hair game (frizz, anyone?). And no one wants to spend too many precious summer moments straightening out hair or fussing over which products will eliminate frizzy, damaged or processed hair. Luckily, our Aveda salons in Houston offer two different Brazilian Blowout services to make your summer hair healthy, gorgeous, and frizz-free. Read on for all the reasons to try a Brazilian Blowout from the best salon in Houston.

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Our Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment that uses the latest in hair technology to create a protective protein layer around your locks. This actually improves the condition of the hair by fortifying each strand with essential amino acids. So you’ll leave the salon with hair that is both gorgeous and much healthier than when you came in.


Want to keep your curls? We got you. Want to go totally smooth and sleek? We got you, too. Whether your locks are wavy, straight, curly, or coily, these treatments will give you smooth, frizz-free hair.


At Vanity Salons in Houston, we have two options for Brazilian Blowouts you can chose from based on your hair, time, and financial needs. The traditional service takes about 2.5 hours and lasts for up to 12 weeks and starts at $253. The express service takes 1.5 hours and lasts up to four weeks and starts at $178.

To decide which Brazilian Blowout in Houston is best for you, schedule a consultation with one of our artists. Then, a frizz-free summer is on your horizon!

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